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Migrating to Octopress

As may be obvious from the new look, this site is now running on Octopress. Migrating from Posterous wasn’t especially traumatic, but the paucity of content helped in that regard.

Importing from Posterous

Jekyll ships with an importer for pulling content out of Posterous, but it no longer works after the latter changed their API. There’s a fix, but wasn’t in a released version when I needed it.

With the update, the importer appeared to do a reasonable job of importing my posts (although it failed to set published: false on my drafts). One caveat: the date used is the creation date, not the publish date, of the source posts.

The importer didn’t grab any of the “pages” on my Posterous site, but I chose to recreate the “About Me” page in markdown rather than determine whether this was intended behaviour.

I manually converted my posts and drafts into markdown, so let me know if you notice any errors.


The site is now hosted on GitHub pages, backed by a private repository. This works well enough, although it doesn’t appear to be possible to assign two custom hostnames for the same site. I’d like to migrate from “” to “”, so a further hosting change is on the cards.